Training Courses for Businesses

Relate Plymouth and South Devon, as part of the Relate federation, delivers a range of group-based training courses for individuals, professionals and organisations in the public and corporate sector.

Improve your business for your employees and customers

We’ve drawn on 70 years’ of experience to deliver high-quality, yet low-cost business training courses. If you’d like to take part in a training course designed for your company or organisation, we also offer bespoke business training courses best suited to you.

Helping your business in a number of ways

We have a range of business courses to help improve your business’ productivity and your relationship with your workforce including:

  • Workforce communication training for professionals – Build upon existing communication skills for career progression and increase customer experience
  • Building emotional content – Learn how to motivate your workforce and increase both retention and productivity
  • Telephone contact management – Designed for businesses where communication via telephone is key to day-to-day work
  • Understanding relationships – This is a course for professionals offering knowledge and skills for working with couples and families
  • Multicultural diversity workforce training – Through experimental exercises and case consultations, the participants will be encouraged to develop their capacities to communicate effectively across different cultures
How our training courses help your business
  • Provide online training solutions to do in the office
  • Supply accessible, instant and innovative online training services
  • Design bespoke training solutions
  • Offer OCN accredited training within a quality assured framework
  • Improve individual and professional performances
  • Increase productivity and business performance
  • Increase communication and relationships within the work place

If you’d like your company or organisation to take part in one of our business training courses, contact Sarah Caulkin at

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