Case Study 3 - Marco and Sylvia

Rediscovering passion in a relationship with sex therapy

The problem

After selling their business, Marco and Sylvia, a married couple in their late 50s, were looking forward to relaxing and spending more time together. But the intimate side of their relationship deteriorated and the dream became a nightmare. The couple went on holiday for some time together but, instead of a romantic interlude, it was blighted by Marco’s unexpected impotence and the couple came home frustrated and bewildered.

The reason

They quickly fell into the pattern of not talking about the problem. Sylvia went to see one of Relate Plymouth’s sex therapists. During the following week, she told her husband and persuaded him to attend a further session. Marco was reluctant to talk to a stranger but he was surprised at how helpful he found talking to an informed but independent party.

The result

The therapist recommended that Marco see his GP to check out whether a medical problem was causing his impotence. The doctor confirmed that it wasn’t, so the couple returned to Relate Plymouth for further therapy. The therapist worked to help Marco and Sylvia re-establish their previously healthy sex life.

It took time and commitment, but with a strong desire from both of them to have this part of their life together in place for as long as possible, they eventually succeeded.

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