Family Counselling

Why do I find it difficult to talk to my children?
How can I get on with my relations, in-laws or siblings?
Could depression be affecting my family’s happiness?

All families are subject to the stresses and strains of everyday life. Anything from bereavement to divorce can cause distress to family relationships. Relate Plymouth and South Devon can help you to work through these problems and get your family back on track.

Our Relate Plymouth and South Devon family counselling service can help:

  • Families
  • Parents and children
  • Siblings
  • Extended families, such as in-laws or step-families
  • Improved family life
  • Support your family through divorce
Helping your family through hard times

We’ll create a safe, calm environment which will offer each member of your family the opportunity to say what they need to. It’s important that everyone has the opportunity to speak their mind.

Family counselling for the whole family

Any member of your family can come along, be it parents, uncles, aunts or grandparents. Sessions will usually be every fortnight, but your family counsellor may decide to see specific family members separately.

All of the counselling sessions you’ll attend are fully confidential.
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