Divorce / Separation Counselling

How will my divorce affect my family?
I don’t know how to explain to my children why we’re divorcing
How can I prevent my divorce affecting other aspects of my life?

The end of a marriage can be one of the most stressful and straining events that a person goes through. Regardless of whether one person has decided to leave or whether it was a mutual decision, separating is never an easy affair.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to divorce or separate, including:

  • Lack of commitment
  • Infidelity
  • Constantly arguing
  • In-equality in marriage
  • Financial problems and disagreements about money

Our Relate Plymouth and South Devon divorce counsellor will sit down with you and your partner or ex-partner to help you both achieve a sense of closure from your relationship. Alternatively, you’re more than welcome to come by yourself.

Adjusting to life after divorce

Getting through a divorce is a process and is something that will take time. We’ll help you through your separation, helping you understand the reasons behind your divorce and how to deal with the changes separation will bring.

Coming to terms with your divorce

If you believe your separation may be especially hard on family members, we offer family counselling so your family can learn how to deal with the change as well.

The main concern many couples have when separating is, understandably, the effect on their children. We offer children and young people’s counselling, to help your children understand the situation.

All of the counselling sessions you’ll attend are fully confidential.

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