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Welcome to Relate Plymouth and South Devon

We know that sometimes relationships aren’t easy. They are subject to all the stresses and strains of daily life and can be difficult.

Weathering bad times together, working through solutions or even learning to endure what can’t be improved, all add a depth and commitment to a relationship. To survive these difficulties, however, the problems must be faced.

How Relate Plymouth and South Devon can help

Our counsellors, based at our main Relate office on North Hill, can help you through your problems by providing low-cost counselling in Plymouth and South Devon.

We believe that with the right support you can make a relationship work. Relate Plymouth and South Devon’s aim is not to force people to stay together, but to enable them to reach their own decisions about what is right for them.

With you from start to finish

Be it problems with your family, your children, your relationship or your sex life, our range of counselling services will help you with any difficulties you’re having.

Relate Plymouth is based at 3 Blenheim Road, North Hill, Plymouth PL4 8LJ

Relate Plymouth is now offering limited face to face.
Wednesdays 11 am to 7.30pm (last session )
Thursday 5.30, 6.30 and 7.30pm (last session )
Friday 11am to 5pm (last session )

Please note that we are working with Goverment guidelines during this period.

We are also offering zoom and telephone sessions day time and evenings …in the current climate it may be more convenient than face to face .

Please ring or email us for an Initial appointment or for further information- Sue will answwer the telephone. Offcie number 01752 213131 mobile 07522288426
or email relateplymouth@googlemail.com

Counselling at Tavistock by zoom at present . Day time or evenings available

Relate South Devon will be offering zoom sessions day time and evenings

Sessions in Newton Abbot will be by zoom …day time and evening sessions available

Sessions in Totnes will be by zoom daytime and evenings availble

Please do call and speak to the receptionist in Plymouth – there is no obligation to book and we will answer any questions that you have about the sessions

We look forward to your call . We aim to offer you an Initial Consultation within two weeks .

Please note that babies and children cannot attend counselling sessions.

Children can attend Family and young peoples counselling but not couple sessions .

What is Relate?

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