What happens at a counselling session?

At your initial consultation, one of our Relate Plymouth and South Devon counsellors will talk with you for around an hour. We’ll talk through how Relate Plymouth and South Devon could help and, if appropriate, your counsellor will recommend one of our counselling services.

If we think we’re not the right ones to help you, don’t worry. We’ll direct you to someone who can.

How can counselling help me?

Counselling looks to take you out of a situation and see it from a new perspective. You’ll work to explore complex or difficult issues in a safe and confidential environment.

Do I have to pay for Relate Plymouth and South Devon’s counselling services?

Relate Plymouth and South Devon provides affordable counselling services but, as a charity, we do have to rely on client contributions in order to continue to provide this. We do not aim to make a profit from the services we provide; the contribution you pay is simply to cover the cost of running the counselling services.

What are the costs of counselling?

Relate Plymouth and South Devon’s aim is to offer low-cost counselling. The average length of sessions is 6 – 8 weeks, although every individual and couple are different and you guide it, not us. There is no tie-in period or minimum number of sessions and you may only need one.

We recommend booking an initial consultation with us so that you can get an idea of how many sessions it will take, so you can get a better idea of the costs.

Are Relate Plymouth and South Devon’s counselling sessions confidential?

Yes. Your counselling meetings are 100% confidential and are between yourselves and your counsellor only. We won’t pass on your name or any information, unless we believe someone’s personal safety may be at risk.

What happens if I have a complaint?

We always welcome feedback and are keen to develop our services. If you do have a complaint, follow our complaints procedure and raise it with our Centre Manager as soon as you can.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

If you need to cancel an appointment, please allow 48 hours’ notice. If you do not, you’ll be charged for the missed appointment.

Is Relate Plymouth and South Devon the best place to go with my problems?

Relate Plymouth and South Devon is all about relationships and looking to help you make a change for the better. If you want to improve your relationship, be it with your partner, family or children, Relate Plymouth and South Devon can help.

Can I come on my own?

Yes. If you’re taking part in family or relationship counselling and would like to see a counsellor alone, you’re more than welcome. If you’ve just gone through a divorce or separation, or if you’re single, attending counselling sessions can help you to adjust to life on your own or make sense of past, present or future relationships.

Can children attend?

If you are attending sessions together for family counselling then children can attend. However, if you’re taking part in relationship counselling, then we do not allow children. Relationship counselling should be between you and your partner only, so you will need to organise suitable childcare.

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