Sex Therapy

What’s gone wrong with our sex life?
He / she doesn’t want sex anymore
Why are we having physical problems during sex?

An active sex life is an enjoyable and important part of any relationship. If you discover that the spark has gone, Relate Plymouth’s sex therapy service can help you and your partner to reignite your relationship.

Discover the reasons behind the problems in your sex life

There are lots of reasons, both physical and emotional, that can cause problems in a couple’s sex life. Be it work or family stress, tiredness or even a new baby, we’ll help you get to the heart of why your sex life is struggling.

We can help with a variety of problems including:

  • Loss of sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm

We’ve created a three stage process to establish whether or not sex therapy is best for you and your partner:

  • Stage 1 – You’ll meet our Relate Plymouth and South Devon sex therapist for an initial consultation to see if you come under the diagnostic criteria of sexual dysfunction
  • Stage 2 – Your Relate Plymouth and South Devon sex therapist will take an in-depth history of you both to determine the best course of treatment
  • Stage 3 – The last stage is a ‘Round Table’. You and your partner will meet with your Relate Plymouth and South Devon sex therapist to discuss the outcome of the previous assessment
Making the right choice for you and your partner

If, after the final stage, sex therapy will be the best course for you both, we’ll arrange times for you to talk to us. We may believe that another counselling service is right for you, such as relationship counselling but with a sexual focus.

All work will be based on talking but you will be given some ‘homework’ to do with your partner in the privacy of your own home. It’s all part of our sex therapy and will help you to rediscover the passion in your relationship.

All of the counselling sessions you’ll attend are fully confidential.

Please note that at present we are unable to offer this service .


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