Training Services Overview

Relate Plymouth and South Devon offer a range of training services for individuals, business and voluntary and community groups.

Start a career as a counsellor

At Relate Plymouth and South Devon, we offer detailed courses in partnership with the University of Hull to help you on your way to becoming a Relate Plymouth and South Devon counsellor.

Improve your relationship with employees

Being the person in charge of a team of people is never easy. With Relate Plymouth and South Devon, you can learn how to handle situations at work, encourage and motivate your team and better understand each employee with our training courses for businesses.

Help people with their problems

If you’re part of a volunteer or community group and think you’d benefit from counselling training, we can help. We offer a range of courses for you to take part in, teaching you about diversity, equality and more.

Prepare yourself for life’s events

When something big happens in your life, be it becoming a parent or changes at work, we can help you deal with these problems. With our life skills workshops, you can take these skills with you throughout our life, ready for when the next event happens.

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