Case Study 1 - Caroline and Matthew

Reigniting a relationship with sex therapy

The problem

For Caroline and Matthew, showing their commitment to each other in front of family and friends at their wedding was the beginning of a wonderful and passionate life together. So how, only three years on, was their sex life non-existent?

The reason

When they came along to sex therapy, Caroline and Matthew began to explore their busy lives and the reasons soon came to light. Matthew, 32, was regularly working 14 hour days as an insurance broker and found himself popping into the office at weekends. Caroline, 33, a journalist, was working stressful shifts on a daily newspaper.

The result

Relate Plymouth’s sex therapist helped the couple realise that they were driven by the need to work long and difficult hours, that they were constantly exhausted and that their relationship was not being nurtured or even maintained.

Our sex therapist advised them to set time aside at least twice a week when they could be together and gave them intimate exercises to do as homework. As a result, spending quality time together became second nature once more.

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