Case Study 2 - Deborah and Charlie

Improving communication with relationship counselling

The problem

Deborah was concerned about the change in her relationship with Charlie. She wanted some insight into whether the relationship was over or if there was a way of helping him to talk to her again.

The reason

They’d lived together for 12 years during which time their similar careers had taken different directions. Deborah was doing well but Charlie’s career wasn’t and he became demotivated, bitter and swung between a state of anger or complete withdrawal.

They also had financial problems and Deborah has found herself doing much of the work in the relationship. Their sex life has deteriorated along with Charlie’s confidence leaving Deborah dissatisfied and resentful. She felt tired of trying to bolster Charlie and felt he had distanced himself to the extent that their two young sons had noticed his personality change.

The result

Coming to see a Relate Plymouth relationship counsellor gave them the opportunity to improve their communication and feel supported enough to work through their difficulties.

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