Children and Young People’s Counselling

Am I the one to blame for my parent’s divorce?
I don’t know how to deal with bullies at school
I feel like the odd one out of my friendship group

Children, especially teenagers, experience a number of emotions which many adults see as a part of growing up. However, there could be a number of underlying reasons behind their mood. Relate Plymouth and South Devon can help your child or teenager open up and talk about what’s troubling them.

Here to listen, whatever the reason

At Relate Plymouth and South Devon, we see children and young people with a range of problems, from troubles at home to bullying at school, through to divorce or the introduction of a new baby. Our Relate Plymouth and South Devon children’s counsellors will provide a supportive environment for children and young people to express their worries, independently from school or home life.

Helping children to understand divorce

Our children and young people’s counselling service looks to help them grasp an understanding of the situation they find themselves in. We want the young people we see to leave feeling happier about the circumstances that brought them to us, with an improved self-esteem and the knowledge on how to deal with a situation.

Working through problems together

If you’re concerned about your child but feel that you would benefit from being there during counselling sessions, why not book in to see our family counsellor? Family counselling can help you both express yourselves, enabling you to better understand your child and the problems they’re facing.

All of the counselling sessions you’ll attend are fully confidential.
Young Peoples Counsellors are Lizzy and Brian.


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