Quarter of children are growing up in unhappy family home

A quarter of children are growing up in a family where their parents are in an unhappy relationship, new figures reveal.

The study by the Department for Work and Pensions also found that just over slightly more than half of children in Britain still live with both of their parents by the age of 15.

According to the Department of Work and Pensions figures published today, the parents of more than two million children said that they were “extremely unhappy”, “fairly unhappy” or “a little unhappy” with their relationship.

Experts have highlighted evidence that children growing up in unstable families are at higher risk of developing mental health issues and drug and alcohol problems in later life, and often suffer from lower grades at school.

Ruth Sutherland, the chief executive of Relate, said: “We are concerned to see that 24 per cent of parents who are still together report that they are unhappy in their relationship.

“We know that low satisfaction in couple relationships has negative impacts for parents and children.

“We believe it is the quality of a relationship which really matters, rather than the relationship status and we believe it is poor relationship quality that causes breakdown.”

If you are in a relationship would you describe it as a happy one? Do you think children fare better in family home where their parents are happy?

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