Helping young carers get the help they need

Are you a young carer looking after a loved one?
Wish you could have a break from it all?
Want some advice on how to look after people?

Everyone needs help now and again. At Relate Plymouth and South Devon, we’ve created ‘Young Minds’, a support and counselling service to help young carers with the help of Plymouth City Council.

Young carers help out in many way, be it helping with housework such as cooking or cleaning, helping someone get washed and dressed or even simply listening to them. However, young carers need time for themselves to do the things that young people should be doing.

We’re here to listen to you. Whatever you want to talk about, we’ll help you by being there when you need us.

If you are or know of a young carer who may benefit from our young carer counselling service, get in touch with Relate Plymouth and South Devon today.

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